Sheriff Offers Response to Biased and Inaccurate Media Broadcasting

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Sheriff Offers Response to Biased and Inaccurate Media Broadcasting

Sheriff Terry Maketa

This is becoming tiresome.

Again and again, certain local media stations seem to feel it is more appropriate to create stories with imagined controversy and then report that mythical tale as fact, forcing the Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Maketa to devote a great deal of time and energy in responding to baseless allegations of fictional wrongdoing.

The latest tabloid-esque attack is a story about one of the finest members of the Sheriff's Office, Commander Jeff Kramer. Once again, media devoted an entire article to comments from Commissioner Littleton, who clearly has no idea of how an 800+ person organization is run, much less a Law Enforcement Agency. To suggest the Sheriff's Office would go without "...critical items like bullets or vests." is so outlandish it once again calls into question her ability to effectively be a part of the management of the most populous county in Colorado.

Further, the media station in question, KOAA, was provided a phone interview, a lengthy written explanation of the hiring process for the Sheriff's Office, detailed information as to the reasons for placing Commander Kramer in the position he is in, and an e-mail exchange between Sheriff Maketa and Bill Elder in which all of this is once again explained. Yet, they chose to deliberately mislead the citizens of El Paso County by purposefully omitting factual and pertinent information in order to create a sensationalistic and inaccurate story. This is certainly unethical and possibly illegal.

Recent events have shown what can happen with irresponsible media attempting to try and convict based upon supposition, not facts. Sheriff Maketa once again asks the citizens he serves to wait for the facts to come out and ignore the imagined controversy the media seems to thrive on stirring up.

Audio Interview Between KOAA and Sgt. Greg White of the Sheriff's Office