Office of the Sheriff

The duties and responsibilities of the Sheriff are set forth in Colorado Revised Statutes.  As one might imagine, the statutory mandates for the Sheriff are vast and cover a wide range of topics.  These include topics like maintain peace and order in El Paso County, provide general law enforcement services to unincorporated areas of the County, operate all jails within the county, serve criminal warrants and civil process throughout the entire county as directed by the District and County Courts, coordinate search and rescue efforts, suppress prairie and forest fires in El Paso County and perform other duties as directed by Colorado State Statutes and the Courts.  The statutory references are listed below.

  • Custodian of Jail (C.R.S. 30-10-511)
  • Act as Fire Warden (C.R.S. 30-10-512)
  • In charge fire expenses (C.R.S. 30-10-513)
  • Transportation of Prisoners (C.R.S. 30-10-514)
  • Execution of Writs – Attend Courts (C.R.S. 30-10-515)
  • Preserve Peace – Command Aid (C.R.S. 30-10-516)
  • Issues Concealed Handgun Permits (C.R.S. 30-10-523)
  • Search and Rescue Responsibility (C.R.S. 24-32-2107)

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office not only meets all statutory requirements, but exceeds them in many ways and is recognized as a leader within the law enforcement industry.  From an internal functional and command structure perspective, the Office of the Sheriff includes:

  • Budget and Finance
  • Director of Information
  • Concealed Handgun Program
  • Public Information Office
  • Research and Development

We hope in the pages that follow you will find valuable information about the Sheriff's Office as well as the services we make available to the community.

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Budget and Finance Section is comprised of four major functional areas: Accounting/Finance; Budget; Payroll and Grants Management, which, in conjunction with each other, provide overall quality and integrity of the Sheriff’s Office financial management and control system.


The Accounting and Finance component encompasses all of the financial activities of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office in the capacity of accounts payable, accounts receivable and revenue collections, as well as other cash management functions in addition to the management of Sheriff’s Office capital assets.   


The Budget component encompasses, in collaboration with El Paso County, the coordination, preparation and compliance of the Sheriff’s Office fiscal year operating budget, both in the Restricted and Unrestricted capacity. The Budget component continually monitors operating expenditures and revenues, as well as, capital project expenditures from the budgetary perspective. This is accomplished through the preparation and analysis of complex fiscal reports including periodic financial statements, reports, summaries, schedules and tabulations, revenues and expenditures reporting, and budget calculations and projections.


The Payroll component, in collaboration with El Paso County, encompasses the processing and management of employee pay, which include, but is not limited to, regular bi-monthly employee pay and overtime payouts.

Grant Management:

The Grants Management component encompasses the budgeting, accounting, fiscal reporting and year-end reconciliation as it relates to the various grant awards from state, local, and federal sources.

General Information

The Director of Information is responsible for the professional, creative, and technical work involved in the dissemination of information regarding the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, both externally and internally.  External communication takes on a variety of forms, but primarily consists of media releases prepared by the Public Information Officer or information contained within the Sheriff’s Office website and social media channels.  Internal communication is also multi-faceted and its importance cannot be overstated.  With an agency as large as the Sheriff’s Office, insuring employees are well informed of matters concerning the Office is vital.

The Director of Information reports directly to the Sheriff and supervises personnel to include the Public Information Officers, the Concealed Handgun Program, the Research and Development Unit and the Community Liaison to Seniors program.

General Information

The Community Liaison to Seniors program provides a proactive approach to help seniors and at-risk adults within our community avoid becoming victims of crime.  All too often, seniors become targets of any number of scams, ranging from telephone scams to fraud scams.  Criminals choose to prey on this group for a variety of reasons, some of which include their trusting personalities and the difficulty for a senior citizen to be a strong witness and follow a criminal case through prosecution.

Our Community Liaison to Seniors serve and partner with this group by providing invaluable education which will help them detect a scam before they become a victim.  It also provides outreach and guidance to seniors on any number of law enforcement topics, including home security, emergency contacts within the community, and what to expect throughout an investigation and court prosecution if they do become a victim.  Currently, we have one part-time employee and two volunteers who serve as our liasions.

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is pleased to provide you with the following information in order to assist you with the Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) application process. On this page you will find the following information to guide you: application, information packet, required fees, procedures and guidelines for the program. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Concealed Handgun Program complies with Colorado Revised Statutes regarding concealed handgun permits. (Colorado Revised Statutes 18-12-203 through 18-12-207)


To your scheduled appointment, please bring:

  • The completed unsigned two page application.  If the application is not fully completed, it cannot be processed.  You will need to sign the completed permit application in person, before a notary public at the Sheriff’s Office; upon a sworn oath that the applicant knows the contents of the permit application and that the information contained in the permit application is true and correct.
  • Colorado Drivers License or State ID

  • $112.50 payable by CASH (exact change REQUIRED, the Sheriff's Office cannot make change), PERSONAL CHECK*, MONEY ORDER*, or CASHIER’S CHECK*; non-cash payments are made payable to E.P.S.O. or El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.  This includes the fee for the background and fingerprint check and the processing fee for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

  • Your original certificate of firearms training issued within the last ten years. Acceptable firearms training includes: NRA, Hunter’s Safety, proof of organized shooting competitions, DD2-14, or Active Duty Orders.

Your initial appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. At that time, your application will be reviewed, a photo and signature will be obtained, the fees will be collected and your fingerprints will be taken.


By appointment only - Please call 520-7249 to schedule an appointment.


El Paso County Sheriff's Office
Concealed Handgun Program
27 East Vermijo Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903


[email protected] - Note: No appointments will be scheduled through this email address. Please call (719) 520-7249 to schedule your appointment.


(719) 471-1461

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Public Information Section has the important responsibility of serving as a liaison between the community and the Sheriff's Office. We continually strive to provide this service to our citizenry with the tenets of community oriented policing as the foundation of this section.

Specifically, the Public Information Section is responsible for the dissemination of accurate and timely public safety information to the community through media releases, social media, and various publications. By performing this service, we serve as the conduit through which the public is made aware of matters that are of interest to our community.

Reporters and news agencies provide an essential service by distributing information to citizens in a timely fashion, especially during a time of crisis.  The Public Information Officers build cooperative partnerships with the media and provide them with accurate and timely information.

A final responsibility of the section is to direct the Sheriff's Office involvement in legislative affairs at the federal and state levels. From law enforcement's viewpoint it is important that public safety related legislation, which is introduced and discussed before the U.S. Congress and the Colorado General Assembly is closely monitored. This is critical in order to ensure legislation that enhances the safety of our communities becomes law, and legislation, which is detrimental to public safety, is defeated.

Sergeant Gregory White serves as the Public Information Officer; his contact information is below.

Sergeant Gregory White - [email protected] - (719) 520-7575 office


General Information

The three person team which makes up the Research and Development Section (R & D) has many responsibilities and serves all areas of the Office.  As the name implies, they conduct special research projects as directed and help in the development of short and long term goals and track the documentation for each. 

Research and Development always plays a significant role in the planning and execution of large Sheriff’s Office events, such as the Annual Awards Banquet.  Internal and external publications are produced by the R & D team; these publications are of top quality and are a great resource of information on current and past events within the Office and are distributed through mailings and offered digitally. 

R & D assists the Public Information Officer in many areas, one of the most visible being the management and use of the Sheriff’s Office website and social media channels to share information. Additionally, they are often the “go to” team when any special multi-media requests surface within the Office of the Sheriff.