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Telecommunicator of the QuarterDispatcher at workDispatcher at workDispatcher at work

Dispatch 911

General Information

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is one of eight Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in El Paso and Teller Counties, Colorado.  We are centrally located, approximately 60 miles south of Denver.  With a regional population of 650,000, our agency PSAP uses an Enhanced 911 (E911) system to serve 180,000 of those residents’ law, fire and medical needs.

The Center is comprised of 41 personnel who are cross trained in handling incoming emergent and non-emergent calls and dispatching law, fire and medical to the residents of our community.  We dispatch for seven law enforcement agencies and 20 fire departments.  We are pleased to be able to provide call taking and dispatch services for the communities of Calhan, Green Mountain Falls, Manitou Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake and the United Stated Air Force Academy to name a few.  For a complete list of law enforcement and fire agencies we dispatch for, click the resource on the right.

To provide quality, efficient and timely service to our community, we have developed complex response plans for our medical and fire responders.  Our community has many rural fire departments that require mutual and automatic aid from other agencies.  The development of these systems has proven to be highly effective while improving reliability and reducing error.

To enhance communication between seven of the PSAPs’, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), CAD-to-CAD was developed and implemented.  This functionality provides our PSAP the ability to communicate with fire departments, police departments and ambulance providers through the CAD system without the need for phone calls or radio transmissions.  When rollover calls or misrouted calls are received by our agency, we process those calls and send the information via the CAD system to the appropriate responding agency.  For a PSAP inundated with 911 calls, this can be the only means of getting that emergent call response through. 

Currently, all cell phone calls are routed to the Colorado Springs Police Department.  There, they determine the appropriate jurisdiction and transfer the call.  It is projected in 2014, the cell towers that sit outside the city limits of Colorado Springs and Fountain will have their towers directed to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

The Communications Center is proud to have been named the 2013 “Team of the Year” by the Colorado Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, in conjunction with the Colorado Chapter of the National Emergency Numbers Association.


The El Paso County Sheriff's Office 911 Education program was built on a foundation of passion, originality and devotion to the community.  Our dispatchers’ desire to teach, help, and give to others drives our 19 years of experience providing 911 education and the best possible service to the citizens of our County.  For more information on the 911 Education program click on the resource to the right or contact Linda Simmons.