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K9 Unit

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit is comprised of three dual purpose dog teams certified in narcotics detection and patrol work. These teams provide support for different divisions and units within the Office to include Investigations, Patrol, Metro VNI, Detention Bureau, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Special Response Team (Detentions) and the Crime Reduction Unit (CRU). Sheriff’s Office Canine Teams have also aided other agencies to include the FBI, ATF, DEA, Federal Bureau of Prisons and numerous surrounding agencies. The Canine Unit is on call 365 days a year and respond to a number of different situations within the County.

Each Canine Team is certified in the areas of handler protection, evidence searches, tracking, building searches, field searches, suspect apprehension, obedience, agility, and narcotic detection. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit is a member of and certified with the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA).

The three German Shepherd Dogs assigned to the Canine Unit are imported from Europe through Joe Clingan of Fort Collins Protection Dogs and Training. The dogs are selected and trained for specific purposes, and will continue their training until their retirement from the Unit.

The Sheriff’s Office is extremely happy to be able to improve upon the service brought to the citizens of El Paso County through the use of police service dogs. The impact they have on modern day policing and the community is immeasurable and their positive influence results in better service for the public.