Sheriff Maketa Shows Additional History of Civil Account

July 30, 2014

Sheriff Maketa Shows Additional History of Civil Account

In a continued effort to provide facts concerning the Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit bank account, I have provided a link to a sampling of checks the Treasurer’s Office received from this account during Sandra Damron’s term.  In online stories titled, “Sheriff’s Office responds to discovered fund” and “Former treasurer says she had nothing to do with the sheriff’s office account”, found on KRDO’s website, it’s stated former Treasurer Damron knew nothing about the account.  These checks demonstrate and directly refute that claim, as they clearly show checks received by the Treasurer’s Office from the “El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division”.

Although only a sampling of checks from 2007-2010 are provided, additional checks can be made available upon request.  See sampling of checks here:

During statements about the Civil account, El Paso County has chosen to comment on occasion about the Sheriff’s Office Commissary account which is tied to the Criminal Justice Center.  I will take the time now, in case there is some question about the account, to say that Sandra Damron was a signature authority on said account; ironically, the Commissary account was set up under the same Employer Identification Number (EIN) as the Civil account.  Documentation showing Ms. Damron had signature authority is available upon request.

Of equal concern are Commissioner Littleton’s comments during the July 29, 2014 BoCC meeting where she implies a lack of financial transparency by my Office.  As it pertains to the Civil account and as stated in the Sheriff’s Office media release distributed on July 23, County Commissioners have heard resolutions on numerous occasions where funds from the Civil Division have been recognized/reallocated.  Examples of such resolutions occurred on April 16, 2013 and March 18, 2014.

April 16, 2013 BoCC audio:

Commissioner Clark is clearly heard on the audio acknowledging that she sees what the funds will be spent on, but asks how the fees were generated.  Sheriff Maketa offers a detailed explanation as to the type of civil processes which generate the fees.  Following the explanation, Commissioner Littleton makes a motion to approve the resolution.

April 16, 2013 BoCC meeting minutes and resolution:

The resolution not only includes the fact the fees are collected for civil process, but is signed by Vice Chair Amy Lathen.

March 18, 2014 BoCC audio:

Commissioner Clark is clearly heard on the audio motioning to approve the resolution.  Commissioner Littleton asks what the fees were generated from.  County Budget Officer Nicola Sapp directs her attention to bullet two on the document and offers a verbal explanation.  Commissioner Littleton votes yes on the resolution.

March 18, 2014 meeting minutes and resolution:

These previous meetings show the Commissioners do in fact render decisions on how these monies are spent.  I continue to find it personally offensive that claims of “mystery accounts” and a lack of transparency exists in my Office.  All finances are properly administered and tracked and documentation is available to prove it.

Commissioner Littleton continues to show her inability to understand complex topics and her competency to fill the role of Commissioner is in question.  Commissioner Littleton asked again for my resignation as she made unsupported claims of a lack of transparency by my Office and has encouraged me to take such action as a way to avoid the related legal expenses.  Yet, no findings of fact have been determined through the independent investigation.  Commissioner Littleton is quick to claim she supports constitutional rights, but through her comments it’s clear she doesn’t support the constitutional right of due process.

I was surprised to hear that Commissioners want my Office to pay for legal expenses related to the independent investigation seeing as how I was instructed by their outside counsel, Ray Deeney to get my own attorney. Mr. Deeney was even kind enough to assists me with the matter.  Commissioner Hisey told me personally, with Commissioner Lathen present, the county would pay for my attorney and made numerous public comments indicating the same thing.   It appears they changed their minds under "political pressure". The county attorney since claimed I didn't need an attorney since there are no criminal charges or litigation. Applying this logic, I would ask then why El Paso County is using outside counsel rather than relying on the tax funded staff of the County Attorney’s Office.  Furthermore, this is the first time they’ve asked that an elected official pay these expenses from their own budget rather than relying on the self insurance fund which is designated for such expenses.  They didn’t ask the Treasurer to pay for legal expenses when employee discrimination claims were made against him just two short years ago.

I have gone to great lengths to provide clarity to these topics.  I don’t know what else I can show or offer to demonstrate the financial compliance my Office has always maintained.

-Sheriff Terry Maketa

MR 14-048