Sheriff Maketa Clarifies Media Reports about Today’s BoCC Meeting

June 19, 2014

A fair amount of media attention has been given to the fact that I was not at the BoCC meeting this morning even though my name appeared on the agenda.  Its unfortunate the media had to spend anytime whatsoever covering a topic that truly isn’t newsworthy.  Confusion can be caused by the BoCC agendas if you’re not familiar with how they work.  In today’s instance, the confusion was furthered by comments made by County Commissioner Peggy Littleton to Scott Harrison from News Channel 13 about my absence, even though she is well aware there are numerous occasions when my name appears on the agenda and I am not needed at the meeting.  This is true of other County elected officials as well, where their names appear on the agenda and they are not needed for direct comment. To help clear up the confusion, let me explain and offer information about my appearances at BoCC meetings.

If you review BoCC agendas over the past several years you will note there is a name or names next to each agenda item.  However, that does not mean those specific people have to attend and speak to the topic, this is especially true of items on the consent calendar as was the case today.  More often than not, consent calendar items regarding routine contract/budget items are addressed by County Budget Officer, Nicola Sapp.  You’ll notice her name appeared along with mine or the Sheriff’s Office comptroller on each agenda item concerning my Office.  There were no items on the BoCC agenda which required my direct comment(s).

Furthermore, there are occasions when I am out of town and unavailable, yet my name is on the agenda.  Often times, a representative from my Office is sent to the meeting on my behalf, but sits in the audience and is never needed to speak.

To demonstrate my point, I have pulled the BoCC agendas for the past six months.  You will notice my name appears on numerous occasions within the agendas.  Feel free to compare these agendas to video archives of BoCC meetings to determine when I was there and when I was not.

Link to BoCC Agendas







Link for archived BoCC meetings is:


MR 14-042