Response to The Gazette's Article, "Leaders felt 'pressured' to give award to Maketa."

May 10, 2014

The Gazette and reporter Dave Philipps have again shown their lack of journalistic ethics by publishing the "Leaders felt 'pressured' to give award to Maketa."  There is no newsworthy purpose for this story, but is purely a character assassination meant to taint the reputation of the Sheriff, the Sheriff's Office and the prestigious Hundred Club Award.

The Hundred Club Award has been given to many individuals who are not at the line level, a fact not offered by Dave Philipps.  There have been six Sergeants, four Lieutenants, and one Commander of the 19 recipients from the Sheriff's Office who have received the Hundred Club Award.  It has also been given to high ranking members of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, as well as the former City Manager.

Attached to this response you will see all of the nominations that were presented for consideration for the Sheriff's Office for 2014.

Again, this is purely a character assassination by two Commanders who seem to have some kind of score to settle.  The Gazette was irresponsible for claiming the Sheriff gave the Award to himself.  Mr. Philipps never contacted other Command Staff members who did support the nomination.  There were seven Commanders, a Bureau Chief and five non-sworn employees who are a part of the Command Staff who were in attendance at this meeting

Command Staff meetings are a place to share opinions, discuss issues and once it ends the decision is final.  These two Commanders continuously claim fear of losing their jobs or retribution and always remain anonymous.  Calling the Gazette each time they disagree is completely inappropriate and frankly, immature and will be held accountable for these inappropriate actions.  Immunity is not granted simply because one claims they could be retaliated against.  In this case, this time, the Sheriff will hold them accountable.  They clearly are not committed to the words which are inscribed on each badge of Honesty, Loyalty, Unity.

We have procedures in place to challenge decisions and policies.  Each member of Staff was given an option to vote and do so in privacy and anonymity.  These two Commanders were given copies of all the nominations and never submitted any nominations of their own, which also says a lot about their character.   To now claim they felt pressured only demonstrates their lack of character.  The Sheriff plans to remove these two Commanders from his Command Staff as they are too cowardly and dishonest to remain in positions of leadership.  They are a cancer and detrimental to our organizational success.

Providing false or incomplete information to a media representative who clearly has demonstrated an agenda and regularly falsifies or omits facts is unacceptable in any organization.  These individuals have done a disservice to the hard working men and women of the Sheriff's Office and it is time they are held accountable for their lack of professionalism.

 100 Club Nominations

MR 14-030