Baseless Accusations are Becoming Tiresome

August 21, 2014

Recently there has been some media coverage of alleged improprieties in the hiring process utilized by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. Once again, it appears the agenda driven media outlets, desperate for attention, strive to create controversy where there is none.

The hiring process for EPSO is well established and the current methodology has been in place since 1997 with no media attention. A lengthy written explanation of that process was provided to KRDO, and KOAA both, who chose to ignore it and instead publicize Commissioner Littleton's inflammatory and ignorant comments.

Frankly, this is becoming tiresome.

The Sheriff's Office has been forced to devote a great deal of time and energy to disproving baseless accusations regarding accusations regarding our budget and finance. At the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners meeting on August 12, 2014,  Cheryl Wallace, a independent CPA Auditor with Rubin Brown, LLP, along with Nicola Sapp, the County Budget Officer, presented the 2013 El Paso County Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The CAFR is summarized by the auditor issuing an “unmodified opinion” essentially indicating everything was accurate and there were no misstatements in the information provided to them regarding all County office finances.

Why was this not reported upon? If there was some sort of malicious malfeasance with the Sheriff's Office finances, which would include Civil accounts, jail accounts, and hiring and promotion practices, then it would stand to reason that El Paso County's own financial auditor would have found it. However, this does not fit with the media's bias driven agenda to manufacture something where there is nothing.

Recent events have shown the tendency of the media to accuse, try, convict and sentence public officials based upon supposition, innuendo and whatever else fits their agenda of selling more advertising and creating more strife. The additional tactic of failing to provide balanced airtime is apparently accepted and commonplace now.  

Commissioner Littleton's comments that the Sheriff's Office would have to “…forgoe critical items like bullets or vests” indicates such a fundamental lack of understanding as to the financial working of the Sheriff's Office in particular, and the El Paso County in general that it calls into question her ability to effectively function as a member of the Board of County Commissioners.

The Sheriff's Office General  Fund Budget is over $47,000,000 per annum. The County's own auditors did not find any issues with it. Ms. Littleton's comments only serve to further highlight her ignorance. 

Contacting other major law Enforcement Agencies will serve to show this is not an unusual practice. 

The following documents are provided for the citizens to review. Please read them and come to your own conclusions about the media agenda. 

Explanation of the Sheriff's Office Hiring Process -
E-mail Exchange Between Sheriff Maketa and Bill Elder -
Manning chart -
Redacted Absent Employees List -


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