Sheriff Terry Maketa

This is becoming tiresome.

Again and again, certain local media stations seem to feel it is more appropriate to create stories with imagined controversy and then report that mythical tale as fact, forcing the Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Maketa to devote a great deal of time and energy in responding to baseless allegations of fictional wrongdoing.

Gazette reporter Dave Philipps again demonstrates his lack of journalistic integrity and inability to serve the readers of our community by leaving out pertinent facts in his article, “Sheriff sets own policies.”

It seems the community is unclear about how the Black Forest Fire investigation has been handled from the start. While I am not a firefighter, I am the Fire Warden of El Paso County, per State Statute CRS 30-10-513, titled: “Sheriff in Charge of Forest or Prairie Fire-Expenses”, which affords me the authority to access State Assistance in the event of an emergency such as the Black Forest Fire.

School safety has taken center stage as a topic of national discussion these days. It is actually no surprise, given the recent tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Senator Morse has yet to defend his actions. He has name-called and talked about how offended he is, but has made no attempt to specifically answer the allegations I’ve mentioned.

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